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Holidays 2023

Navigating Holiday Shipping Deadlines: Ensure Your Gifts Arrive on Time

Whether you're sending gifts across the country or around the world, here's a comprehensive guide to holiday shipping deadlines to help you plan accordingly. 1. Shipping Method Matters. The shipping method you choose significantly impacts delivery ti

Holiday Shipping Delays

The holiday season often brings an unprecedented increase in the number of packages being shipped, which can result in postal courier delays. Please be aware of the following key points:. - **Increased Demand**: The holiday season sees a surge in pac

I paid for expedited shipping, why hasn't it shipped?

We understand that waiting for your order can be frustrating. Please note that processing and shipping times are separate. With the current increased holiday order volume, we kindly request that you allow 5-7 business days for your order to be proces

Marked Delivered but not arrived?

Please be aware that supply chain issues and an unprecedented increase in holiday packages have led to significant delays in postal courier services. These challenges in the supply chain have made it difficult to maintain timely deliveries. Shipping

Where is my Black Friday/Cyber Monday order?

Order Processing Time. During peak shopping seasons or when experiencing a high volume of orders, please allow between 5-7 business days for your order to be processed. We want to ensure the quality and accuracy of your order, and our dedicated wareh

Holiday Discount and Promo Codes

Please take note of our discount code policy:. One Discount Per Transaction**: Our system allows for only one discount code or promotion per customer per transaction. - **Sale Limitation**: During significant sales or promotions, additional discounts